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Birth village provides a beautiful space with the perfect blend of comfort, safety and privacy to ensure a tranquil, safe, and serene environment during your pregnancy and birth. Our caring team of professional doulas and globally accredited and experienced midwives follow time-honored birthing care traditions coupled with sound evidence-based practices. We all work together to ensure that your wellness, lifestyle and cultural birthing preferences are met. We are passionate about the rights of women. It is our foremost intention to provide the best childbirth experience possible for our birthing clients and their families. We are the specialists in normal birth, but recognize when complications arise and collaborate with appropriate medical personnel as needed.

Priyanka Idicula (Director)

Priyanka Idicula is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator who has trained extensively in prenatal and postnatal care and child birth education in the United States. She bears the distinction of being the First Asian to win a dual scholarship from Lamaze International. She believes that birth is a normal physiological process and that women are strong and powerful. She encourages women to learn about their options and to be active participants in decision-making for themselves and their babies. A member of Lamaze International and Birth India, she strongly believes that women birth best in a place in which they feel safe, and that women should get to decide what "safe" looks like. She offers series of customized classes for first time parents that includes childbirth education, breastfeeding, and newborn care, and weekend intensives and refresher courses for second time parents or those who need a more condensed version.

Priyanka pens a weekly column under the title of "Happy Mom" in India’s largest vernacular daily: Malayalam Manorama. She obtained a Masters degree in Microbiology and has long stints in organizations such as Johnson and Johnson, Transasia Biomedical etc.

She is mother to five year old Aryan. Married to Zameer, Corporate Sales Manager Saregama. If she had more than 24 hours on hand she would probably bury herself in some good novel.

Red Miller (Director)

Red Miller has been supporting woman and families through birth for seven years and in six different countries, including India, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia. Her extensive International experience consulting as a Midwife and supporting local communities has given her a strong understanding of the local as well as global issues facing woman and families in birth today.

She is a strong advocate for woman and believes birthing in love and respect is a human right. She loves working with families, educating, listening and offering support. She is a natural birth activist and is passionate about helping women achieve the birth they desire.

She joined the B!rthvillage board as Director in 2011 and has been essential in the establishment of the center.

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