Pre and Post Natal Yoga at Birthvillage!

Prenatal Wednesdays and Saturdays 11-12 Please come on-time so everyone including you gets maximum benefit! Purchase a package and save money! Please call to confirm in the morning to confirm we are not having a birth! Yoga is a system of exercises that gently stretch tone and strengthen the body. Prenatal Yoga is specifically designed to help women prepare for the physical and mental demands of childbirth. Prenatal yoga can help you with pain relief, to sleep better, to have a stronger body, to become calmer and more relaxed, and to connect with your body and your baby. The classes are fun and easy, and you will have a chance to connect with other pregnant women. The benefits of prenatal yoga are life-long, allowing you to lead a more peaceful, satisfying life. Postnatal Wednesdays 11-12 Postnatal and Baby Yoga can be started at least 6 weeks after the birth of your baby and is open to mothers with babies up to 6 months or until the baby starts to crawl. Yoga helps you to get your body in shape with gentle stretches. It helps you to become more peaceful, confident and better able to face the challenges of motherhood. Many of the exercises include Baby. We also do gentle baby massage and learn techniques to help you to connect with your baby and stimulate mental and emotional growth. Postnatal Yoga is a great opportunity to connect with other new mothers!


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