Mom wear and Infant accessories

Mom wear

When I launched Lamaze in Kerala on Jan 24th 2009, I had hardly thought that I would get involved in mom and infant wear. However as more and more women trooped into classes I found that there was huge dearth of sophisticated maternity clothes. I couldn’t see any reason as to why a young mum should loose her sense of style be it during her pregnancy or motherhood .One is also likely to find plus styled wear here that you could carry of with élan.

I have put much effort into finding suppliers and incredible products for all lifestyles and budgets. All of our lines are carried for their unique styling, affordable pricing and superior quality. I only sell items that I personally would wear, buy for my own kids and importantly which I am proud to sell.

Beyond finer products and price, I can also promise exceptional service. Whether it is advice, suggestions, special requests, concerns or even a professional maternity fitting consultation, my focus is on you and this incredible time in your life.

So go ahead, embrace your inner celebrity and spoil yourself rotten! You’ll be glad you did!

So whether you are looking for pretty maternity clothes, cool baby gear, hip nursing essentials, or unique baby shower gifts – we’ve got you covered

Mama’s Market place

At each Open House, B!rthvillage will feature a different local mama who runs her own business, sells handcrafts, or provides a service. The Mama's Marketplace is a great way to network with moms who have an entrepreneurial spirit! It's also a great place to check out and purchase incredible products designed and made by people in our community!

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