Our Services

During your prenatal visits at b!rth village, we allow ample time for questions. We help you to understand the choices you have regarding antenatal testing, prenatal nutrition and exercise by providing factual information. We believe in informed consent and ensure this by providing information to help you understand and make educated decisions that fit you and your family.

We believe it is essential to develop trust and communication with one another. This has been shown to lead to more positive outcomes.

We offer complete holistic postpartum care in your home through the first two weeks postpartum, and at the center after that until your 6 week postpartum exam. We are available 24/7 for phone consultation and will make as many visits as necessary during the postpartum phase. During this time we will monitor baby's weight and motherís physical and emotional state. We will assist with breastfeeding and well baby care. The visits will be unhurried as this is a very important period for mother, baby, and family, and support is crucial.


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