AYAAN DINESH Hyderabad, AP +91 99592 85554 With Compliments …a thanks note from a 16 days old baby boy- Ayaan Dear Priyanka aunty, “A birth is used metaphorically to refer to a beginning, especially of a NATURAL phenomenon, one that is impressive in its scope or complexity, or one that is viewed favorably”- this is what my dad believes. Philosophy apart, a mom is blessed when she has a smooth and a healthy delivery...But the doula’s role is inevitable, how much ever the mom is blessed. At this point I have to mention heart full of thanks to you Priyanka aunty, your role was fabulous in my mom’s delivery and you made it with at most ease. In addition, my dad would have missed such an exciting moment without your support; it was such a poignant hours for him (I’m sure!) which will last through out our life… No words can describe my parents’ contentment. infact ours!!! Last but not the least, thanks for all the support and motivation you gave dad n mom throughout the months, especially the last few days…my mom told me that she did it for my dad..Finally the whole thing mixed together made the delivery a success, a NATURAL success. Great going Priyanka aunty!!! Best wishes for all your future endeavors. Good luck and thank you once again. Regards, Ayaan

Priyanka's Lamaze class was really informative. The expectant parents will definitely obtain deep knowledge about pregnancy and delivery. She taught us the pain management and breathing techniques during labor. The diets that she prescribes are really safe for the baby and mother. The labor positions and stretching exercises helped me a lot. She will be totally free so that you could ask any doubts and moreover she is extremely sincere to her job. I was 100% satisfied in my class.

Bhavana Radhesh
Audit Assistant, Varma and Varma Chartered Accountants Firm, Ernakulam
Radhesh Raj
I T Manager, Swiss Bell Hotel, Bur Dubai

The classes were Very good, informative, confidence booster. As we progressed through the classes, My partner is more involved in the pregnancy and related care. Also, I feel I don't need anybody else's help at the time of delivery except for the doctor and nurse if he is there with me. This was not the case in my 1st pregnancy, this time I feel more empowered

Dr. Anna George-Philip
Quality Officer at Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi
Dr. Pramod Philip Mathews
Professor in Oral Pathology at Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, Nellikuzhi

The parental classes made us feel ready together, informed together, stronger together. 'Ishaan Hart Singh' born 18th January 2010 at 2:28pm. "Dear Priyanka, Many thanks for your precious help before, during and after my arrival into this world." With love from Ishaan and my mummy and daddy,Cristelle & Ravi.

Cristelle Hart Singh
Amay and Dilse (Charitable Organisation)
Ravi Pal Singh
Amay and Dilse (Charitable Organisation)

"The classes we attended were very informative, helped us in building confidence towards a natural birth"

Mrs.Elizabeth kurian
Mr.Maju Jacob

"The classes we attended were very informative and was an eye opener.Lot of 'wow'moments and it was very encouraging and empowering experience for us.We also loved the video sessions." LIFE WITH THE BABY Going to be a month since we were blessed with the tiny li'l dude, Daniel. The dude has kept us busy with the diaper changing sessions & the "long" hours of sleep... Just wanted to thank Priyanka who with her classes & lively talks helped us deal with the whole experience much more comfortably.Her Lamaze sessions helped dispel a lot many doubts and helped us deal with the whole process in a much more confident manner. Needless to say, lot of you will ask as to what the big deal is..(especially the elder and experienced folks!)Frankly, how often have we had our parents actually tell us about what to expect and how to go about dealing with stuff during this phase??? All we get to hear is a mixed & really awesome range of superstitions & traditions as to which none is sure of as to why we follow them. All we need is a clear picture of what to expect and what to do.. downrightpractical.. no messing around with the whole natural downright beautiful process of giving birth! Thanks again, Priyanka... hope the birth village makes its mark in a big way!We intend to come down and meet you once the dude is allowed out of the house!!! :) Aff'ly, Marilyn & Joe

Marilyn joe

Joe Francis
Anglo Eastern Shipping MGMT(Merchant Navy)

We are very thankful to god that we got a chance to meet priyanka. priyanka's passion for assisting women in bringing children into the world is clear.she is very confident, informed, supportive,very interested in our personal story and was willing to share some of hers too.She was generous with her time, answered all our questions, provided us with information and referrals as needed.there are soo much of things that we r unaware about pregnancy and labour,all of these doubts, will be totally cleared after the classes we shared with priyanka.After the class sections, we ourselves feel soo much of confidence that we wud'nt even have the patience to wait till our due date lol.. We really appreciated her enthusiasm, professionalism and warmth. We felt very comfortable with her and would definitely recommend her to our friends." my doula, my life saver, i m sure, we will have a gr8 time inside the labour room ;-) (will be posting our experience inside the labour room very soon :-)

Interior decorator

Priyanka is one of those rare people who firmly believe in the cause they support and goes any length to give her unwavering support .Her classes were highly informative and played a major role in making us aware of all aspects of pregnancy, delivery and even baby care. This awareness translated into confidence when we dealt with doctors and even family members with their own “expert opinions”. Her dedication is contagious and that was what kept us going during uncertain and difficult times. We can confidently say that we had “a perfect birth experience”, with almost no intervention from the doctors. Our experience has been an eye opener to many around us who now fully agree that it’s best to let nature take its course, with something so beautiful as childbirth. Priyanka, this is our heartfelt testimonial to thank you for all you have done for us, knowing fully well that we wouldn’t have achieved what we did, without your unwavering help and support. Thankyou so much!!! Deepa & Gejo, Proud parents to baby girl Isabella


Gejo jose
Captain (Merchant Navy)

Thank you Priyanka for the beautiful nature birth we experienced. The women you serve are truly blessed to have you. I remember coming in for the classes with the hopes to get rid of my fear of pain during natural birth. I must say u did a great job. And being there for all our doubts, making us understand what actually happens through Caesarean (phew, i never knew all that). Making me and Vimal strong mentally and physically throughout the way, Helping us choose a wonderful hospital, doctor. All the credit goes to you. With the support and encouragement of my dear hubby Vimal WHO WAS WITH ME THROUGH OUT, my little boy Joshua , my mom-in law Moly, prayers of papa, mummy George and Celine and YOU- PRIYANKA. we did a great job. And we are so thankful to you for the post natal support too :) We would surely recommend you to all our expecting friends and relatives .. I wonder where you get all that energy from :) And i loved the Egyptian belly dance sessions ;) Love & Gratitude Vimal, Remi & Joshua ... [IBS Software Services]



"The classes by Priyanka were very informative and made us aware of what to expect. It even helped me go through the pain for days and yet opt for natural delivery."

Reshma Nair

Reghu Krishnan

Wanted to write lots more.... ------------------ What we learnt at Birthvillage turned our idea of pregnancy and delivery on its head. Pregnancy is one topic everyone seems to have an opinon on. But if you have the right information, you can gift yourself nine months of fun. That is what the course is about. Thanks to Priyanka, four hospitals and four doctors later, we were blessed with the most amazing birth experience. Her confidence seeps into you and you are ready to face whatever comes your way. With Priyanka as our doula, labour and delivery was WOW! You may be overwhelmed and bogged down, but you will never doubt yourself if you have this lady in the labour room. The breastfeeding and infant care classes are a plus. You can show off what you know as soon as the little one arrives. Maya has also been of great help. The course is highly recommended for any Mommy and Daddy who want their darlings to get the best. Lots of love Jan, Mathew and Olive

Jan Mary Varghese
Sub editor The Week
Mathew T George
Senior Sub EditorThe Week

Get pregnant, have the baby—that was as far as Maijo and I knew about pregnancy and childbirth. But at Birth Village, we learnt about stuff that had never even crossed our minds. Having left the fate of our labour and childbirth in the hands of doctors, we thought we had done our bit. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Priyanka, labour would have been a nightmare for me. Or for that matter, I would have landed up on the operating table! Priyanka’s classes not just helped us understand what childbirth was all about and how to be prepared for the best and the worst, it also helped us get ready for the biggest day of our lives— the birth of our daughter, Meghna. I would like to add that no pregnant woman and her husband should underestimate the power of childbirth education. Don’t fall for the “You are not the first woman to have a baby, so why the classes?” argument. You need to get educated and there are no two ways about it. Trust Priyanka to help you. That’s what we did and thank god we did! Our heartfelt thanks, Priyanka! Nina Nair (Freelance Content Writer) Maijo Abraham (Senior Sub-Editor, The Week) Cheers! :)

Nina Nair
Freelance Content Writer
Maijo Abraham
Senior Sub-Editor, The Week

"Classes were an eye opener with reference to many aspects related to pregnancy . Your breast feeding classes have definitely been a driving force for me to encourage my baby to breast feed despite difficulty intitally. Loved the Exercise sessions , especially the belly dance sessions" Ritu Mohan Chandran Prasanth Rajan Frigstad Offshore Engineering at Singapore

Ritu Mohan Chandran

Prasanth Rajan
Frigstad Offshore Engineering at Singapore

"Midwifery care is mother and baby friendly, within a short period of time we developed a comfort level with the midwife which encouraged us to clear all our doubts with her. Glad that I chose waterbirth. Pool was relaxing, refreshing! I just loved it."

Swetha Pai

Dileep Pai
Merchant Navy

"A great surprise! After shopping around, talking with midwives, I took the chance of coming to b!rthvillage, without knowing what to expect, and found just what I needed."

Kate Robin
Robin Joseph

"We received one-on-one personalized attention and care which was reassuring to first time parents like us. Kathy, Red, and Priyanka ensured that all our doubts and questions were answered in detail and to our satisfaction. At the end of every visit we left in good spirits and with a positive attitude."

Fazila Rehman

Afzal Rehman
Vet surgeon

Priyanka ia a warm and passionate godmother to ever so many new borns. Takes a lot if pride in her work and thus is what brings in the much needed comfort to nervous mothers to be!

Deepak Aswani

What to say about Ms. Priyanka Idicula… I have interacted with her with regards to the birth, her stories are so inspiring and she makes me feel that giving birth is not painful but you can live the whole moment in ectascy . I am still single, but I have decided that when I become pregnant I will surely come to her and to give birth in a different with passion.

Nileena Jose George

Priyanka has been inspiring so many women in Kerala, through her work of educating and helping mothers give birth.

Sony Swamy

they helped to realise my inner strengths as a woman-mother…. this vote is for their dedication, love, care, and hard work

meera manu

I have never seen a woman so commited to a cause like Priyanka…. Way to go, girl, n hope you win!


I am the father of Jan Mary, who was under Priynka’s traing and care,I have witnessed Prinanka’s skill and dedication during my daughter’s delivery,she desrves more than an award.May God bless her. Varghese Mathgew

Varghese Mathew

Priyanka been an inspiration to all the younsters regarding giving birth. Though being a guy I have heard lots of stories from her and thus she will bring a change in India.

George T jose

Priyanka, you have ignited a revolution in childbirth in Kerala…


Priyanka, you are truly the best in this. Hats off to you & your team for taking the initiative to educate the women in kerala about child birthing. Am sure everyone who has been with you has a great experience to share.

Shalini Mathew

Have to say you folks are really doing some great work in a land where rate of c-sections is increasing rapidly .... Keep up the good work

Veena R moorthy

There are so many great memories that i cud write a book! But this incident,I think, played a crucial role in the progress of my labour.After my first internal exam I was very disappointed that I had dilated only 2 cms after nearly 14 hrs andKathleen Conmee Breault told me " u have a very stretchy cervix.....the baby is gonna be here in a few hrs!". That single statement calmed me n gave me the confidence to go thru the next 8 hrs n I don't think I could've had such a great experience had it not been for kathie n Priyanka Idicula

Harsha Thachery

Jugul Thachery

Everytime i want to write something about these girls (Red, Priyanka n Kathy) I just can not put down anything on the paper coz I am so overwhelmed by my emotions n I find it hard to translate it into words. They have been a grt support to me at my son's birth. They became a part of my labour making it a team event! Having had a previous hospital birth, I can very well say that midwifery model of birth is very special.. not only for the mum but for the whole family! They made me feel sooo special at every stage of my pregnancy, building my confidence & strength to face my labour, especially when I had to wait till my 41st week and 3 days, which eventually turned out to be a beautiful experience! Thank you Girlies!!!!:):)

Priya Ashok

Ashok subramanian

: My first baby was born in hospital by C-sect. 9 nice months with the gyno during check-ups but then she disappointed us on D-day (Birthvillage was not set up yet). Second baby I was determined to VBAC in the pool. The pregnancy was different with the midwifery model of care in the sense that we participate a lot more, we get to feel the baby and perhaps discuss things on a more intimate level. We had a smooth water birth 4 weeks ago and I have to thank Priyanka for believing in me and being nearly more excited than I was I would like to thank Red for her calm and solid presence...great people really do come in small packages I would like to thank Marianna for her great sense of humour whilst fishing in the pool and for the wonderful pics! I also thank Kathy who followed me for quite a few months and who was THE reason I only put on only 13kg and didn't have to deliver a huge baby. Love you all and you will be in my thoughts for life!

Cristelle Hart Singh
Co Owner at Amay
Ravi Singh
Co owner at Amay

Whatever i write now will not be enough to express the care and love given by three great ladies throughout my pregnancy period ,labour time and postpartum period.I was 42+ b'cox of der continues support and care ,i was able to stand strong and give birth to a beautiful water baby.i really cherish each and every period of my pregnancy and labour time...its all b'cox of birthvillage.....hats of to Priyanka,kathie and my sweet Red......

Ann Mary thomas

Thank you Red and Priyanka. The experience was amazing. Thank you for making it an unforgettable experience.



: It's been three months today, yet I clearly remember the day I held baby David in my arms for the very first time just seconds after his birth. They say behind every man's success there is a woman. Well, I'd say there is a woman behind the success of every woman too. In my case there were two , Priyanka and Kate. My doulas, my friends, my continuous support during my first labor. The most awaited moment of a woman's life, the beginning of motherhood, was made precious to me by you both. I will cherish that day FOR LIFE. I have been really blessed and thank God for guiding me to choose you, Birth Village, for my first delivery. I dont think I would have ever realized my inner strength unless I came to you. Thank you for being my console when I needed a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for being my support and strength when I lost faith in myself. Thank you for being my guide whenever I was confused and clueless. Thank you for driving away all my fears of delivery Thank you for making that day extra special. In this day and age, having a birth without any doctors and medical intervention prior to and post delivery might sound impossible but now, I believe, nothing is impossible. Praise God for all His miraculous works and God Bless Birth Village for making labors a beautiful journey for mothers- to-be!!! With lots of love and gratitude

Sonia Cherian

Jim Cherian

: They said we should go to a hospital- we didn't, they said we should have a doctor present- we didn't, they said we must take medical drugs and painkillers- we didn't, they said natural birth is not safe- we believed it is, they said the baby should be delivered latest by the 40th week- we waited patiently till the 43rd, they said the baby would be too big to deliver- we delivered a super-sized baby, they said the mother should be kept in hospital for three days for observation- we left within a few hours, they said a lot- we did a lot, but differently, and with lots of faith in our ability to do so. Thank you Priyanka Idicula and Kate Barrel .And all the people at Birthvillage for the wonderful support and encouragement. You made this an unforgettable experience for Tessa, Joshua and me

Theresa George

George M George

The journey called BIRTH Instead of ' oh no my water just broke', it was ' yeyy my water just broke '! Instead of rushing to hospital the minute it happened, it was waiting for 12 hrs to finally get admitted for the labour! Instead of ur entire family accompanying u to hospital, it was just me and my hubby. Instead of strange faces and machines, it was my favrt people, my dear hubby and my midwives Red and Priyanka saying " hey we are going to have a baby" Instead of getting hooked to machines and forceful enema, it was a warm water pool and food! Instead of inducing labour to speed up the process and pain, it was patience, trust and support. Instead of taking ur baby away from you the minute she was born for the OTHERS, it was hugging my baby and holding her close to my chest till I let go! Instead of being at hospital for 3 more days with n number of test, it was an exciting drive back home with just my husband and my baby in my arms in less than 4hrs with all the necessary test cleared! Instead of being in bed for months to recover from the torture of delivery, it was just a couple of days of weakness and almost no after pain. It was a beautiful experience and a well enjoyed one. A million thanks to birth village for giving me this DAY , ' the birth of my daughter'.

Meera Balakrishnan


Aditi Nair and Sebastian Zecharias: Transcendental Birth Why B!rthvillage? Aditi: We had questions about pregnancy that our gynec wouldn’t answer. Sebastian: From the moment we walked in the door, I realized that B!rthvillage was special. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and Priyanka was extremely gentle with us, but direct and firm at the same time. I could also see that Aditi was extremely comfortable and I was certain that all our doubts, and apprehensions about pregnancy would be answered. Prenatals @ B!rthvillage Aditi: Our prenatal visits went from 2 min BP and weight check ups at the hospital to hour-long sessions where both Priyanka and Kate would feel and listen to the baby. They wanted to know everything that I was going through both emotionally and physically. We felt this magical connect with our baby. Sebastian: At the very first prenatal, Priyanka was feeling Aditi’s bump and the next thing I knew I was feeling the baby’s head!! What an amazing experience. I think it was the first time I truly realized that I was going to be a father. Lamaze for Mammas and Pappas Sebastian: This was a real blessing. I didn’t have the time to read up on everything prenatal. Lamaze was the perfect solution. We learned about everything there is to know about prenatal care and Priyanka insisted we do our homework as well. I’m no expert, but by the time Aditi’s contractions started I was informed enough to support her. Aditi: The best thing Lamaze class gives you is a peer group of expecting couples. As a result we cover the entire range of questions and answers that most couples come up with. Classes are interactive and fun. Water B!rth Aditi: I love water. I was swimming regularly throughout my pregnancy, until Priyanka suggested that I start walking to help the baby descend. My instinct told me that the birth pool was for me. The six hours it took me to get from for 4 cm to 8 cm I was in and out of the pool several times trying different positions. Eight concerned eyes watched me, encouraged me. Caring hands massaged me with Arnica oil. Abu tells me they even had to grab me several times as I dashed for the water. While Kate, Priyanka and Amber gave me no hints as to how well I was doing, Abu was the expert, guiding me and cheering me on. At 11.30pm I even looked at the clock, thinking, if this goes on for another half hour, he’ll be born on Vishu day! In the final moments before Ekalavya was born, they explained to me that with a bit more work on my cervix, I would feel his head emerge. As I ran back to the comfort of the water and mustered the energy to give that last push, I could only think how grateful I was to be able to give this to my child, what an amazing father he has, who are these three kind ladies who patiently helped me birth anyway? Sebastian: I was so efficient I couldn’t believe it myself. From the start of her contractions, to reaching B!rthvillage, to supporting her when she started pushing and finally seeing the baby, I can still remember every moment like it was yesterday. I wouldn’t change a thing. Priyanka, Kate and Amber were incredibly supportive and gave the right inputs at the right time. The best bit, was that it was entirely Aditi’s show and she was a champ. Thank you BV for a memory of a lifetime

Aditi Nair

Sebastian Zachariah
Executive director Zinzac

Though a bit late, I want to thank Priyanka, Kate and Birthvillage for making my dream come true! I wanted a homebirth/waterbirth experience and you made sure that I'll cherish it forever. Priyanka, your encouragement through out my labor was awesome and it really helped me a lot to cope with the pain. You are doing a great job through BV, keep up the good work. Kate, thanks for the picture you drew of/for us I also want to thank my friend Ranjini Varma for telling me about BV, you helped me fulfill my heart's desire!

anuradha dileep


A drug-free, natural, and such a different and special birth for our daughter would not have been possible without you Priyanka Idiculaand Kate.We consider ourselves blessed that we got the support of dedicated and committed midwives like you who made the coming of our child into this world a great and unforgettable experience.We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful time we have spent at B!rthvillage Natural Birthing Centre learning so many things connected with the delivery of our child and of course the actual birth.Our families also join us in thanking you for taking care of this birth sooooooo well.We would also like to thank BV for the Yoga sessions, Nileena (Achu)for the pics and Smija for the coordination and follow up done

Renu Navin

They say, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, but what about the hands that help us get there?-this has been on my mind ever since my son’s birth. This testimonial is long overdue. When Yohaan was born at Birthvillage on 17th Nov last year, I thought I should pen down my thoughts on Women’s Day- as an ode to the bunch of wonderful women who handheld me into motherhood. But due to a demanding son, and lack of access to cyberworld, March 8th passed by without my post. So though this day carries no significance, the thoughts are the very same..after all,its my favourite video which I love to play,rewind & pause in my mind countless times. As you can see, I succumb to verbal diarrhoea where my baby or Birthvillage are concerned, but I’m going to try my best to stick to the highlights. -Why B!rthvillage? The first time I was admitted into a hospital was during the 34th week of my pregnancy. My increasing weight & fluctuating BP were a cause for concern, but I knew that was not going to matter at all.( thats why pregnancy can be quite a magical experience..coz you just “know” whats best for you & your baby). Though my gynec didn’t share the same confidence, the pre-natal visits went on fine, but at the end of one week full of “observation”, tests,check-ups, medication, and few glimpses of the fully-equipped clinical labour room, I left the hospital, clueless but sure that the same uncertainities, and secretiveness were not going to surround my labour. I wasn’t a high risk patient, but just an expecting mother, searching for a safe birthing place for the little one who was waiting to see and feel the one person he was connected to in this big wide world. He trusted me with his life, and was leaving his cozy coccoon with divine providence, nature and faith to back him. I didn’t want to disappoint him one bit. I wanted a warm, hassle-free welcome for him, sans any intervention. At 36 weeks,this search ended at Birthvillage when I met Priyanka & Kate with my parents. Their full support coupled with the affirmative kicks from within, helped me make the choice, and I just couldn’t wait to birth there!! @ Birthvillage My visits, though very few, were filled with very informative and refreshing lamaze & yoga classes. Starting from the most effective way of tying baby nappies, to feeding and comfort measures, I felt well-equipped to handle the little mystery that was about to unfold. After one such class, I returned home with a slight backache.When I realized it was a contraction, I began timing & counting. Time was 8 pm. By around 10 pm the same night, I lost all sense of time. All I knew is that I had to rush, and really really soon. Priyanka was on her way, and only Kate was at the center that night. When I walked in at 10:20 Kate was waiting, looking something like a fairy godmother. I know it was my imagination, but I could see this bright halo over her(no, I didn’t see a wand, if thats what you’re wondering ). I could’ve hugged her for joy, but Yohaan gave me no time.Unpetrubed, Gentle, calm, yet strong, Kate kept guiding me softly, and in about 7 minutes, at 10:27, Yohaan arrived. Thwarting all my plans of a romantic Waterbirth with my husband, this cheeky li’l fellow escaped, waiting to surprise his Dad who arrived at dawn. Thus ended my labour-short & sweet. What they say is so true..the fruit of labour is indeed sweet! Postpartum If there had to be icing on the cake, I’d say it was the postpartum visits. Priyanka & Kate are encyclopedias on baby/mommy care, and were always ready with tips & advise 24/7. Me & my family used to look forward to their regular visits. Alongwith extensive check-ups and babycare, these visits many a times turned into fun-filled family gatherings. Thanks to them, my transition into mommyhood was a smooth sail. Never once, since I met them, till those 6 weeks of postpartum care(till date..) have I felt confused or dissatisfied with the instructions/answers that I’ve got. I love their style . They’ve been gentle, yet firm, honest & reassuring. Word of caution- If anybody is looking for empty promises, sugar-coated words,drugs or medication, you’re in for disappointment. Thanks again... -Birthvillage, Priyanka & Kate-simply for transforming an ordinary life process into a precious moment. Its not easy to be on call 24/7. Its tougher still to fight fatigue and sleep to patiently comfort a woman in labour, for hours or even days, when you know your kids are missing you. The selflessness,dedication & commitment towards such a noble mission, can only be compared to the armed forces, and deserves no less than a fitting salute. Kate-sorry, but the halo stays..I might not have said it enough-You’re such an amazing person. I can only wish for happiness,cheer and good health for your families, so you could work at peace. And this goes for all the midwives out there

Nirda Saras


We came to Kochi a bit in a rush. I am 38 weeks pregnant and 3 days. Fact being that my first child was born at 39w+3d, so here we go the 15th of September 2012 – I, my husband and eldest son all set – we wanted to be on time to welcome you our little peanut. Both the docs I had met in Bangalore kept on telling that you would definitely come by last week of September and my last scan showed that you could be here all of a sudden on the 22nd, so here we are… waiting for you in this beautiful land of Kerala. You seem well rooted inside my belly, and I like it very much. I like you being inside me, I like feeling your movements, and I like being so round. I’m starting to feel a little bit heavy; I know that you’re going to be a nice doll. In the night, you and I are finding our comfort, and we are both resting sweetly peacefully. I know there is here a complicity that no one can take away from us. That’s our secret… It’s a magical relationship where the beats of our hearts are going together in harmony. This is my second pregnancy, and the reason I have come down here is that not only I wanted to go for a natural birth in water, but also because I wanted to be in the intimacy of a home, where all of us could participate and welcome you – with your daddy Rahul and your big bro Kishaan. So I’ve found this Natural Birth Center called BirthVillage which provides this kind of services. After 3 weeks, we are still waiting for you… we’ve tried to induce you with all sorts of natural methods… I’m walking around Fort Kochi where we are staying, I’m going to the swimming pool and doing all sorts of squatting, I’m indulging in the arms of your father, and I’m taking a few homeopathic remedies and drinking some herbal juices. I’ve nicely crossed 41 weeks, and relatives are starting wandering why you’ve still not shown your face. I’m switching off the mobile, I know that all is well and there are no such explanations to give. Soon you’ll be with us. It’s now Sunday night, mid-October, I’m at 42 weeks, and from 11PM my body has entered into action. I was reading a story to Kishaan and my back started to stretch. I’m calling my hubby to tell him to come back at the earliest; as he went to Bangalore just three days before since we have kept the business on hold. The next plane to Kochi is only now next morning. If only we could wait till then as I need him by my side. Child of our love may you hear this message to let us all be here. It is 3AM now, between contractions I have kept on writing my feelings while listening to the Water Girl song by Zakir Hussain, I’m calling my mid-wife Priyanka. I am still waiting a moment before heading to the center, as my son is sleeping nicely, but now my body is well set with a good rhythm of 4 minutes between each tension. Finally it is 4.30AM when I’m reaching BirthVillage. I’m happy to see Priyanka all ready for me. Her cousins are here too: Georges has filled up the pool with water and Nileena will assist us to take care of my eldest son and to handle the video. So I immediately set up the camera while I still can do it, and I try to put my big boy who’s become hyper back to sleep. We off the lights and I go from lying down next to my boy to lifting up my arms to the sky and stretching my back. Priyanka is a wonder next to me, and her soft presence is a relief as she applied hot water bag below my belly and hand pressure on my hips. I feel the time is going slowly but I’m comfortable with myself, I go with the flow given by my body. The sun is going to rise soon. I will get idlis for breakfast! It is just passed 6AM and I decide to give a wake-up call to my hubby. The sound of his voice gives me a kick, and even though I would like to manage to get more time till he reaches, Priyanka makes me jump into the water. I am shaky. This is now the pushing phase. As soon as I am getting into the water I just want to push baby out. I would like to be in control, but I have to let myself opened fully like an oyster to release my pearl. I would like to fall into my hubby’s arms but I’m alone with my babies. I’m feeling confused, powerless in the process of giving life. But I’m brave, I’m moaning like a tigress, and at this point Kishaan knows exactly that is going to be a big brother. My mid-wife Kate is attending me with all her softness and expertise. At the 2nd push, I can see the top of your head. At the 3rd push, Kishaan hesitates whether it is a good thing. I manage to smile at him because yes ‘All is good’ and ‘Oh my God’ at the 4th push you fully slip out of me… and that’s a ‘Wooooaaah’ factor effect. Priyanka catches you up and here you are hot on my heart. Kishaan is now laughing and we are all having a contagious laugh. This is Monday morning 15th October 2012 at B!rthvillage in Kochi, it is 7.08AM… my white lotus is born and in this cycle of life us too we are born thank to you Kairav

Eva . C . Sunder
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My association with Priyanka dates back to 2010, when I had my first baby (Isabella),I had been to birthvillage for lamaze classes, she was also my doula , the birth centre hadn't been started then. I gave birth to my second baby (Rebecca) in 2013 in Birth village the natural birthing centre, with Priyanka who took my little angel, midwife Kate and yoga instructor Amber. I did have my apprehensions about not birthing at a hospital versus a birth center, and I did voice it quite a few times n each time Priyanka and Kate patiently eased my fears. In retrospect, I'm so very glad I made the right choice.... What strikes me about these women is their unmitigated dedication to natural birth and the extend to which they go, to support the cause and make the mother feel comfortable. When I went in, they had finished another birth a couple of hours back, but not once was there any complaint about being tired, they were constantly around me, making sure I was cared for. There were jokes, laughs and words of encouragement, I was continuously kept hydrated and given massages to ease my pain. I was around people who genuinely cared, nothing like a scary hospital scene, it was all so calm n peaceful. I went in at around 7.30 am and my Rebecca was born into Priyanka's hands at 8.50 pm. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I wouldn't have had it any other way


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All the nine months of my pregnancy, I had been preparing myself for receiving our baby. But after a traumatic birth experience, the pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, I was daunted as I couldn't care for my little one the way I wanted to. Then we decided to start the postnatal care package at birthvillage, Priyanka came home for the first postnatal visit and my life began to get better. With her advice on feeding, sleeping, bathing and diet, I became more confident and healthier day by day. Now, after four months when I look back, I realise that if we had not sought the postnatal guidance and care of BirthVillage, our life wouldn't have been so delightful and content. Thank you. Ranjima & Rahul

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Here is my birth story.... I conceived in December 2012 nearly five years after our marriage.Me and my husband were thrilled.Actually at first couldn't believe it! But then the news was confirmed by my OB that i was indeed pregnant! My pregnancy period went on smoothly without much trouble.Just the occasional bouts of nausea and general discomforts. By the fifth month i could feel slight fluttering movements in my belly! That was one of the most exciting time of my life:) Finally it was the eight month.The countdown to D Day had started! I was anxious as well as super excited! It was around this time that me and my husband got to know about Birthvillage Natural Birthing Center here in kochi. My husband always wanted me to have a natural birth.But i was super scared! I couldn't imagine giving birth without the presence of doctors and all those fancy equipments around me ! And of course the most important thing for a scaredy cat like me was to get an Epidural!!! Yes i thought i would never ever give birth without one! Over the following days my husband convinced me to visit this center and see the benefits they have to offer. I accompanied my husband . I was in my 36th week already. We met Priyanka Idicula,Donna Mitchell and Abby Hall Luca . Had a long discussion. I had lots of questions in my mind like what if something goes wrong? What if there is an emergency? and most importantly How will i handle the PAIN??:P I clarified everything and finally after much confusion chose to give birth at the center! This was one decision which i will never regret! My due date was September 8th 2013. On 7th night after having dinner i started getting mild cramps.They would just come and go every 20 minutes or so. It was late at night so we went to bed.At around 3 am i got up to go to the washroom. I saw that my panties were stained with blood.Yikes! i had just lost my mucous plug! I woke up hubby and gave him the big news! We decided to call up Priyanka and inform her . She told me to keep track of my contractions and tell her once its established like coming every 10 minutes or so..Her voice was so calm and reassuring. I went back to sleep. The next whole day i was having those pesky cramps.I ate light food that day.By evening the cramping became intense. I informed Priyanka about it . She told me to come over. And so me and my husband made that anxious yet exciting journey towards the birth center! On the way we passed the hospital where i had been going for my check ups for the last nine months! It was a surreal feeling! Finally we reached the center . Priyanka opened the door with a huge smile and took me upstairs to the birthing room.I was given a hot water bag to ease my cramps. I tried to sleep but couldn't . I was feeling nauseous...After a while my water broke.Donna examined me and said that i had dilated to 2 cms. Gosh this was like a dream! Over the next six hours i dilated to 10 cms. Every time i get a contraction my husband would hug me tightly and i would rest my head in his chest. I was tired by the end of it . I had thrown up a few times as well. By morning i was fully dilated and ready to bring my baby in to the world. But guess what my contractions had stopped progressing... The midwives were constantly monitoring the baby's heartbeat.Everything was just fine.But baby won't come.I tried walking around the place , squatting etc but still nothing. Luckily by evening my contractions kick started again. I was allowed to take whichever position i felt like to ease my discomfort.I even tried the birth pool.But it was soo relaxing that i fell asleep I realized that water birthing is not for me Then finally after five hours of pushing with hubby by my side i delivered my angel in to this world! Wow what a feeling it was! She was directly kept on my chest for skin to skin contact. She felt so warm and moist. Hubby cut the cord. The best part is i didn't even feel any pain during delivery! Within five hours we were back home.This was the most amazing day of our lives !! Thank you Priyanka Idicula,Donna Mitchell and Abby Hall Luca for all your love and support:) —

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My story, in brief, was a cesarean with my firstborn and when pregnant with my 2nd, heard about Birthvillage to find out the possibility of VBAC. I met 2 beautiful ladies Priyanka and Kate. Changed my outlook entirely and Sunil and me made a decision right there. The Lamaze class we took with you makes me think that VBAC in a positive environment was possible after all. I loved the prenatal visits, too. I always felt rejuvenated on my way home. What you really gave to me was myself again. I didn't fully realize how the cesarean had undermined my soul and heart. Now that I birthed (at Birthvillage) I feel like I can really be myself - strong and powerful again. You have given me such an incredible gift that I can never really thank you in words. Your love and faith in my ability made the whole thing possible. I was thinking that in our culture women turn to drugs during labor because they don't feel enough love around them. In this sense, you are a true midwife, acting out of your heart. I am so glad we found you! Coming to the most unforgettable moment of my delivery. My due date was on August 13, 2013 and on 29 July after having dinner i started getting mild pain. They would just come and go every 20 minutes or so. It was late at night so we went to bed. After few hours just called priyanka and informed her about the pain and she asked me to relax and sleep well and also to keep track of my contractions. At around 4 am contractions coming every 10 minutes, then she asked me to come to the birth center if you are not able to manage the pain. So around 5.30 we reached the birth village. I was actually feeling bad troubling Priyanka middle of night and updating the contractions through sms and she did respond to all my doubts. The moment she opened the door I told her sorry for the disturbance and she gave a huge smile and took me upstairs to the birthing room. I was given a hot water bag to ease my pain. Priyanka, Abby and even my husband gave me good back massage so due to which I was able to manage my pain. Donna examined me and said everything is good. Priyanka insisted me to eat breakfast and after a while my water broke. The midwives were constantly monitoring the baby's heartbeat. Everything was just fine. By 11am we welcomed Tia into this world and she gave us cute smile and thanking God for this wonderful experience and the marvelous gift. My husband has called every last member of our family to brag about our birth and they were quite surprised. By 4pm we were back home my elder daughter Nia welcomed with lots of excitement. My heart swells and I feel deepest respect, pride and honor whenever I utter your names (three beautiful ladies Priyanka, Donna and Abby) You helped me to take a stand for what I want and to stand on my own two feet and experience a birth that I would do all over again (even in the midst of the strongest surges the team kept me focused and cheered me on). If only I had the privilege of delivering [my first born] in your presence as well. You made a dream come true for me. The people that were so opposed to me having a VBAC are now shouting it from the rooftops. May God continue to bless you, you have changed our lives. Final note on the postpartum visit to my home and follow up calls daily (almost a week) regular check up for both mom and baby were so good in spite of bad climate (heavy rain) you have made yourselves available. Priyanka, Donna and Abby, Once again thank you for your care, love and concern at every step of the way. Thank you for your devotion. Thank you for your amazing midwifery skills. But most of all, thank you for believing in me. We almost gave up hope in finding the right person to attend our child birth, but you were clearly a messenger from God, and we thank Him every day for this wonderful gift. —

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Love commitment and faith....... A must read birth story My threshold for taking pain is lower than low. Nagged with Hyperemesis in the first 7months, I , like a minority of the mothers in this world, wasn’t looking forward to the birthing process, or anything at all. That changed, the day I walked into Birth Village. From the homely ambience, to the spirited midwives. I started to look forward to this birth. One thing i learnt was, no one wants to listen to a pregnant woman’s ailing issues. It is considered to be part of the drill. It is not something to whine about, be it from nausea that comes up every two minutes, to endless sleepless nights. But here, you had an awesome set of women who empathized with you, held your hand, encouraged you, and egged you on to finish the race. Every appointment was educative, supportive and fun. I was actually looking forward to every month. I crossed my EDD, which was the first week of January 2014. This baby of mine was in no hurry. I was in a state of mixed emotions, where one side of me wanted this baby to come out when he was ready and the other part of me was exhausted. Then came the 23rd of January,2014. I remember feeling a warm and much awaited contraction around two in the morning. I went back to sleep. These warm-up contractions didn't alarm me anymore, because I've been experiencing them from as late as November. As I was drifting off, I could feel the contractions falling into a pattern. I went back to sleep feeling happy. I was up by 5am. I timed my contractions. They were a perfect 5 minutes apart. I was ecstatic. We reached Birth Village at around 7am. We found out all was going well, by the grace of god. All that remained was, we needed to walk this baby out. So we walked to this nearby place to have a lazy Thursday morning breakfast, took a couple of selfies, made bets if it was going to be a boy or a girl and then got back to the centre. I kept walking. I was able to laugh and converse through every contraction, it felt good. Since we had all the time in the world, and nowhere to go, Priyanka got me to narrate the ‘how i met Deepak story’. And yes, instantly, I was more occupied reminiscing while narrating, occasionally being interrupted by my contractions. At around 11am, it got to a point I couldn’t chat no more. Deepak was busy playing DJ trying to calm me with music. Donna got the birthing pool room lit up and ready, with lights. Amy kept a hot water bag in the small of my back for relief. Priyanka was there holding my hand , talking me through and administering the best back rubs ever It was an overwhelming moment to see my support system enthusiastic and going all out for me. It picked me up, even though I was exhausted. During my 41st week scan, I had got to know that my baby was going to be way above four kilos. But not for one moment, did I doubt that I would have trouble birthing this baby. This was what Birth Village instilled in me. That I was strong enough to birth and this was a natural process. I can never thank my team enough for the constant support and encouragement that was given to me all the way from my diets and exercises, and then through my contractions. The difference was like day and night for me, in comparison to my hospital birth with my first child 6years ago. Where I was splayed helplessly on a table surrounded by pretty nurses, that I got to see for the very first time, since the doctor makes a guest appearance only at the end of the show. And then, there was the endless drugs that were being pumped in, first to induce the pain and then to calm it. The irony! Whereas here, I was being spoken to, explained to, supported, encouraged, led to do things that was comfortable for me. They cried and laughed along with me every step of the way, and all this absolutely drug free. Birth Village was a blessing I gave myself. At a lovely time of 2.45pm, my champ decided to give his mother a break. I won’t say this experience was painless and fun, because it definitely wasn’t the case. The highlight of this birth was, I got to take back home the love and priceless support that I got from these awesome women and yes, a whopping 4.4 baby who till date doesn’t give me any trouble at all. Deepak, I know blood, pain and tears is not your thing. But you stood by me. I’m so proud of you. Amy, I got to know, you were having a rough day, that day, and yet you put it aside and you were there. Donna for making it look so easy and effortless. Love you both. Rohini, for babysitting Benjamin, and also for getting us ladies all dolled up to walk the ramp, with our bumps, love you. Bincy and Smija, for the texts and appointments that were so flawlessly handled, thank you. And finally Priyanka, for empathizing and supporting me till the very end. I don’t know how to say thank you. The work that you do is larger than life. God bless the work of your hands.



My fairytale birth story I had a wonderful time in labor!! Really?? Can labor be wonderful? It can be; when you are surrounded by people you love and who love you and your unborn child with all their heart and soul. The birth of my second son was in this cozy haven called birthvillage, witnessed by George my husband, and Priyanka and Donna, my lovely midwives. It was quiet, peaceful and just right. Was it just about the labor? Definitely not. All the yoga, meditation and Lamaze classes and diet counselling sessions paved way to an easy and stress free labor. Priyanka would patiently explain and re-explain the innumerable doubts we threw at her. During the prenatal checkups, Priyanka and Donna would be so excited to feel the baby and hear his heartbeat... the excitement was contagious. Donna’s workout sessions were amazing. It totally dispelled my assumption that pregnant women should do only light exercises. After each session I would be fit and raring to go. My labor was for a total of 3 hrs. At 38 weeks and 5 days, a Wednesday ,I started feeling slight pressure on and off at 6 in the evening .I didn’t take it seriously thinking it was Braxton hicks, since I hadn’t experienced it at all during this pregnancy. We had decided to go for some shopping and I started getting ready. It was then that I realised that the pressure sensations had deepened and were closer together. So I downloaded an app to time them n lo behold they were 4-5 mins apart!! Called up Priyanka, who told me to come when I felt it was the real deal. Even when the contractions came in, it was bearable. We reached at 7.15pm to a quiet birthvillage. Though the pain was least bothersome, I was really vocalising through each contraction and even when George made fun of me, I couldn’t stop it. An hour went by walking around, leaning against the wall with Priyanka and George giving fantastic massages and even some slow dancing with hubby dearest!! When the pain notched up a little I got into the pool which was pure bliss! In between I was thinking that its gonna take some time coz Priyanka hadn’t even examined me once! And then I started pushing!!! After 3-4 pushes, my water broke and in another 3, the baby crowned! That was the only time I felt severe pain and was a little scared. Later, I was told the pain was because his hand was at the side of his head, which Priyanka had deftly manoeuvred. The head was born after a huge push and 4mins later, he slid out. He was immediately placed on my chest. For a whole hour I was in la la land, holding my bundle of joy close to my heart. How relaxed and content we both were!! George did delayed cord clamping. No amount of words can describe my admiration for the work Priyanka and Donna do every single day, without rest and sleep... love u both from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank Bincy and Smija for the excellent support you provide to these warrior babes! One day, Kevin will know he was birthed into gentle hands, open hearts and lotsa lotsa love... that his mother was happy and fearless!! Sidenote: the instincts of a woman are diligently and systematically trivialised and scorned upon by our society in general; to the point that women themselves have stopped believing in them. Priyanka put that faith in me from the beginning; and my instincts helped me know what to do when along the course of the labor.

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods in every woman’s life. I just passed through this stage recently. Birth Village is the name which I probably can’t forget in my life time. It is Birth Village, and my midwives who made my birth such a memorable one. Even during my pain I had the feeling of extreme support with with my family members. The care I received was so appreciable. Monthly appoint time in Birth Village was one hour. It helped us to relax and share all our worries. They were willing to give answer to all our doubts and gave us confidence. Apart from the Consultation,we had exercise classes which helped me to make my body more flexible. Because of my busy schedule I could attend only 3-4 exercise class. But after the first class itself it helped position my baby the right way. In Birth Village my husband Varun was with with me throughout the birth.That took my confidence to the next level and together we welcomed our baby to this wonderful world. And that was the most beautiful moment in both of our when we the proud parents of our little boy . And thats not beacuse we became a mother and father but also because that I didn’t use any medicines or supplements during this 9 month journey.(as we strongly follow naturopathy) If you follow a proper healthy diet that by itself is sufficient to give birth to a healthy smart baby. I would consider myself a good living example of that. Whether it’s a natural birth/ water birth, birthing in Birth Village is a great experience. Thanks to the Birth Village team.

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Naturopathy,natural birth why and how it worked for me! A while after my first son was born, which was in a hospital and the labor was induced, I got introduced to Naturopathy and it was a turning point in my life. I got to know more about my own body, how diseases are caused, how I need to trust body's natural processes, healing and others, and most important of all, how modern medicine with it's most modern contraptions and medications more often than not hinder body's natural processes rather than helping them. I also learned that anything that is not natural in pregnancy and birthing is not good for the baby and the mother. I had also heard about birthing at home itself with your loved ones around, without any medical interventions. Despite knowing all this, when I found out I'm pregnant the second time, we consulted a careprovider which was the often the set choice for most women. But I didn't take any supplements that she gave me, instead I took care to include foods in my diet which would give me iron, calcium and other nutrients naturally. Although I wanted to birth at home, it seemed impossible because my husband and my mother was not comfortable in case there was an emergency. Then out of sheer luck, I heard about Birthvillage from one of my friends and I checked out their webpage. Then I called Priyanka and we discussed everything about my pregnancy so far. From that conversation I got convinced that she knows what she is doing and after informing my husband (he was out of station) I decided to go to BV and see Priyanka. Thus my mother and myself went there and it was the most wonderful first time meeting any pregnant woman can hope for with her care provider. It was my 8th month and since I was consulting another careprovider I had gone for monthly checkups which was always waiting for 1 hour plus and consultation for 5, maximum 10 minutes. If you ask any questions the doctor treats you like 'you don't know anything so better leave all these to us, you just do as we say and we will 'make' you deliver safely'. I'm not implying all doctors are like this, but this was my impression whenever I consulted mine. May be it was because they really don't have the time to explain everything to each pregnant woman. It was not at all like this in BV. Each consultation would be really fun, relaxing and you can ask anything related to pregnancy. Priyanka encouraged me to trust my own body and also the baby inside. Then there were classes conducted by her for both pregnant ladies and their husbands, in which she showed us all the birthing positions we can take while in labor and how husbands can help us relax. She had told us not to come immediately after pain started since there is a chance that it could be false labor. So one night throughout, I had mildly painful contractions and I chose to wait and see how it was progressing. The next morning it was gone and when I called Priyanka she said that my body might be getting ready for the labor. That evening contractions started again and this time it was gradually increasing in intensity and frequency. I called Priyanka and she said I can come down. Thus we went around 10pm.and our midwives were right there. One thing I didn't like at all during my first delivery was, the doctor and then the nurse checking frequently for dilation, it was really painful and uncomfortable. So I was really happy this time in BV that when asked whether I wanted to be checked for dilation, I had the choice to say no if I didn't want it. Another important aspect of delivering in BV was that I was not forced to lie down on the bed throughout my entire labor. I was free to choose whichever position I found comfortable. Another thing I didn't like in my first delivery was that when I reached full dilation, the nurse was instructing me to push and when I pushed she was telling me I was doing it wrong. How could I push the right way when I didn't even feel like pushing. I had opted for waterbirth (that was my wish with my first pregnancy but didn't happen), so when I felt an urge to push I told Priyanka, she made the tub ready. I got in and within 10 minutes, I pushed my baby out into the water. The whole labor was around 6 hours with around 1 hour of intense pain. and midwife caught my baby and took him out from the water and kept him on my bosom. Ah! that feeling, bliss! Later after the cord stopped pulsating, it was cut. I needed stitches and this too was because the first time I had undergone episiotomy which in BV they say is unnecessary unless absolutely required. I was home that night itself. The next day Priyanka came to check on the baby and me, and helped me with breastfeeding him. The overall experience in BV was kind of magical and I would never forget how they made me feel in my most vulnerable moments. It was with compassion, love and understanding as opposed to an impatient, sometimes rude, 'oh! for god's sake, don't cry' kind of attitude that a birthing woman most of the time gets in a hospital birth!. Whenever I doubted my body's ability to withstand the pain, Priyanka supported and encouraged me with a 'yes, you can'. She said it with so much confidence that I trusted her. I would recommend this 'BV experience' to all women who would like to have a natural birthing experience

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“If it is your child no matter whether you climb the Everest, your kid will be there. And if it is not meant for you no matter whatever you do”. When I birthed my daughter I felt so proud of being a woman .. for being part of a divine process as birthing. Like any other woman I too imagined a fairy tale birthing for my baby. An open sky with stars blinking, smiling faces, music, aroma, massages…and now sitting here looking at my angel I know I was honored with even more than a fairy tale. But none of my forerunners ever shared such an experience to me. There were dreaded hospital stories, serious faces, push push shoutings. But as Coelho said when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it; my birthing went exactly like what I imagined. B!rthvillage made it a real experience which should have gone just like any other typical delivery otherwise. My 18.30 hours labor was the most beautiful hours in my life. Yes, there were times I felt down. But the wonderful B!rthvillage team of Priyanka, Donna together with my husband lifted my spirit during these losing times and cheered me up. They always took my confidence to super levels. I even chased my husband during my contraction who joked me on our next kid. Do you think all these are possible in a regular environment? The comprehension of considering a pregnant woman like someone ill, me and my husband decided to opt out of regular setting. We knew there was no room left for people like us in such surroundings. I always wondered about the attitude of keeping husbands away. But the 100:100 husband- wife roles in B!rthvillage actually bouyed me up. How wonderful it could be when we, along with the most loved one welcome our little angel. And I would say that was the most attractive part of B!rthvillage. There, your man beside you with his life time love, care and support when we have a gynec system where husbands are kept out totally thinking their role ended with the sperm donation. From a dreaded experience of one minute’s appointment, frightening advices, unwanted clinical examinations, distasteful drugs and months long bed rest to an enlightening more than an hour appointment, highly informative Lamaze classes, refreshing yoga, exercise classes, diet sessions, friendly interactions, B!rthvillage taught me pain too can be beautiful if you have the right attitude. Not forgetting the books (exclusive of B!rthvillage) which provided me with a definite knowledge on birthing, infant care, breast feeding. It a wonder even me, being a queen of inhibitions I was able to shed them; No words would amount to thank these ladies who displayed super human patience throughout the entire 18.30 hours of my labor. There were times of exhaustion, vomiting, sleep… They were actually smiling and encouraging when I was busy using all the available options of birthing positions there. When I crossed my edd, my emotional part wasn’t ready to wait much for receiving Bala. But my practical side which became more intense from the B!rthvillage training was ready to cross it and wait patiently. And finally on my 41st week with all timely preparations emotionally and physically, I won my race withstanding all the accusing storms with a smile proving all other ones wrong who intimidated me throughout for choosing a non hospital environment for my very first baby. Hat tip to you both for your post natal home visit. You found time to come this far whenever there was a need. I must say, like the prenatal appointment days, we waited impatiently for your post natal home visits too. I still cherish that late night visit of Donna once. Your visits and advices made everything so simple. You are a rare breed of people who are incredibly honest to their profession. When I stand in the super league of B!rthvillage mothers I salute this superb women who take meticulous effort to actualize our dream come true. One day Bala too will recognize that she has three super moms who made her birthing truly divine. An extra note of gratitude to: Priyanka for her lines “If it is your child no matter whether you climb the Everest, your kid will be there. And if it is not meant for you no matter whatever you do”. This was your first assurance that we are at the right place for birthing our babe. Donna for taking the role of my mother by even cleaning my vomit Bincy for her birthing story (inspiration for a home birthing in case of emergency) and calls Smija and Rohini for the wardrobe Chechi for the breakfasts, lunch and dinner (sorry for vomiting everything) Family for the support (though a little late), love and care. Achan (father-in-law), the only support we had from the very beginning, for making us think differently Amma who was close to the limit of her endurance, for her pure love Jayan for just being himself Bala for making our life meaningful To all those cheerful mates with whom we shared our Lamaze classes, yoga and exercises Last but not the least, to those who made us more and more strong with their stupid judgments and criticisms. Above all, The Almighty for everything. Thanks again B!rth village for making my pregnancy full of fun and memorable. As the father I cannot refrain myself from scribbling my random thoughts about the experience. Among the most hallowed clichés in our time are the notions that a pregnant woman must visit a hospital immediately on getting conceived and must be treated as a terminally ill one. I wonder why the society cannot accept pregnancy as a mere physiological function. In this process the husband has the only (heavenly) duty of being generous enough to donate his sperm for retaining the generation. The traditional film version of a husband may extend a little more…bringing the food that the wife likes the most and waiting impatiently and nervously in front of the labor room. I don’t understand why A father boasts of taking his baby only after months We hear only don’ts (All such don’ts are usually the things most cherished by the mother) Doctors rather stick to using only brain than their heart Society forgets the past where babies decided the time for coming out Everyone we encounter, including an unmarried person has a word on pregnancy and its dangers It is here that B!rthvillage becomes significant, as an answer to all taboo and all this social abnormalities. Thanks to B!rthvillage for promoting me from the chauffer’s seat to the passenger’s seat.




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